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Solaria Solar Panels St. Louis Missouri

At Solar City STL, we’re focused on redefining residential solar by using products like solaria solar panels that offer breakthrough technology and products.  solaria’s patented cell design, superior solar panel architecture and innovative assembly techniques means that PowerXT® solar panels significantly boost power generation, provide outstanding performance and superior economics. The high power density of the PowerXT solar panels maximize power and energy yield on homeowner roofs, and patented shade-resistant technology keeps Solaria PowerXT solar panels performing beyond when other panels have ceased generating power.

Solaria continues to leverage its patented technology, engineering expertise and sophisticated automation into creating one of the most attractive, high power, energy efficient solar panels available on the market today.

The Benefits of PowerXT Solar Panels

Solaria Solar Panels St. Louis Missouri


  • Higher energy output
  • Better economics
  • Superior shading performance


  • Pure Black™ design
  • No visible circuitry
  • Better curb appeal


  • Fewer failure points
  • Certified quality
  • Industry leading 25-year warranty
Solaria Solar Panels St. Louis Missouri

Solaria solar panels are designed for High

Traditional panels are made with surface areas that interrupt the capture of solar energy. Not the case with PowerXT. Solaria designed a patented cell cutting and advanced interconnect process to pack more power and reduce inactive space between cells, while eliminating common failure points.

See there Better By Design video.

Solaria Solar Panels St. Louis Missouri

Enhanced Shade Performance

Sub-strings are interconnected in parallel, dramatically lowering the shading losses and increasing energy yield. Solaria PowerXT solar panels had generated 63.8% more energy than Competitor 1 and 82.5% more energy than Competitor 2 over an actual 70-day outdoor test

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Do solaria Solar Panels Work in the Winter?

Do Solaria solar panels work in the winter? The short answer is YES. Here’s why:

Whether you live in place with sun, rain or snow during the winter months, your solar panels are designed to handle it all.  For starters, solar panels, like other electronics, perform best in cooler temperatures.  Solar panels do not rely on the heat of the sun to produce power.  In fact, panels only rely on sunlight and are more efficient in the cold than hot.  So even in the winter, when the sun is less plentiful or covered by clouds, your panels will continue to do their job.

It may be surprising to know that places with snowy winters, especially states in the Northeast, rank among the top states in the country for solar.  This is in large part due to the high rates of electricity and the savings that comes with switching to solar.  Even a country like Germany, which experiences similar sunlight to Alaska, is one of the world’s leaders in solar installations.

For those of us who live in California and other sunny places around the country, winters are not much of a concern.  But for those of you who live in the northern parts of the country and who experience real winters, you might be wondering if solar is the right choice.  Here are some important things to think about when it comes to solar and winter.

Solaria solar panels are designed to withstand a certain amount of weight, also called load.  Some panels can withstand more weight than others.  For most panels the weight of snow is not a problem, but if you experience heavy snow in your area, make sure you choose panels with a higher load rating.  Regardless, you do not want to let snow sit on your panels for too long; snow blocks the panels from absorbing light and they won’t produce any power.  It is a good idea to invest in a snow squeegee or rake to clean off your panels if snow accumulates on them.  Your solar installer will be able to show you what works best or may even provide a cleaning service during the winter months.  Most of the time, however, snow, like rain, should just slide of your panels if they are positioned at an angle.  Also, like rain, snow helps to clean the panels of debris and dust, enabling your panels to reach higher efficiencies and maximize power output.  Remember to keep cars, patio furniture or other items far enough away from your roof in the event of falling ice or snow from your panels.

As long as snow stays off your panels, your system will keep producing power even through the harshest winters.  Remember, winter does not last forever.  If you live in a state with snowy winters, you likely experience the opposite in the summer with long, sunny days.  So even if your solar panels produce less power in the winter, they will make up for it in the summer.  Here’s another tip— Solar installation prices often run less in the winter months when overall construction demand drops off.  Don’t wait! There is never a better time to switch to solar