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Solar power frequently asked questions

Can Solar Power My Whole House?

Yes! One of the common misconceptions about solar power is that you run only certain items with the power that is produced.

While this may be the case with off-grid systems, grid-tied systems, like the ones Simple Solar installs, do not provide power to specific devices. Instead, it simply a percentage of the electricity that your entire house uses.

For example, you could offset 10%, 50% or even 100% of your monthly electrical usage.

The solar system ties into your home’s electrical system and simply provides power as it is produced. The amount of your usage that can be offset by solar depends on the size and angle of your roof, as well as your budget. Many customers do offset their entire electric bills with solar.

Our focus has been on being Missouri’s most trusted and reliable St. louis solar Power installer. For clean energy solutions. So, we offer honesty, enthusiasm, experience, teamwork, and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction. You’ve either seen one of our solar installations or met someone who has partnered with us to install their solar panels. You’ll find that Solar City STL clients are among the most pleased with their solar experience. From residential and local small businesses to government buildings and utility-grade solar energy installations


Beyond the apparent benefits on the environment, there are also extremely practical benefits. With Orlando being one of the most expensive places to live in the United States, you may be asking yourself, “Can I afford solar panels in St. louis?” Anything to reduce the burden of recurring bills is helpful and solar is no exception. Investing in solar panels can cut your electric bill down and if you add solar battery storage into the equation, you can even generate passive income by selling surplus energy back to the grid!

 Does excess solar energy generated get wasted?

There may be extra energy on sunnier days or when you do not use much of your solar energy on some days. This extra energy does not go to waste. If your solar connects to the grid, you also connect with your existing local utility company, so if your solar panels gather more power on certain days, you will have more electricity credited to your account. As a result, if you require energy at night, you wind up using the surplus electricity generated to power your home straight from the grid.

Do solar panels generate electricity on rainy days? 

Although less efficient, solar panels create power whenever there is sunshine, even on a cloudy day. When it rains, the sky darkens somewhat but does not entirely obscure the sun.

It is only less efficient in generating solar energy because clouds screen the sun’s rays before they reach the surface.

Do Solar panels weaken the structure of your roof?

This myth is not very true. Solar panels protect the roof rather than weaken it. Solar arrays aid in the preservation of the area of the roof that they cover. In rare situations, if your roof appears to be unstable, you may need to repair it. In such circumstances, however, uninstalling and reinstalling solar will be a simple procedure. Furthermore, the solar mounts are shielded with metal plates to provide an added layer of protection.

You cannot blame solar panels for a weakened roof that existed before you install the solar panels. As a result, before installing them, you must always do a strength test. It will ensure that your solar panels do not cause any harm to your roofs. This procedure is fully automated, so you won’t even realize it. Checking to see if an installer is Clean Energy Council-accredited is a fantastic method to ensure that their installation standards are safe, dependable, and still effective.

  Is solar installation difficult and requires a lot of upkeep?

Installing a solar panel may be a simple task if you pick a reputable and competent solar business. It is also incredibly simple to clean and maintain your solar panels. Cleaning your solar panels is vital since it allows you to keep them in good working order for a lifetime. If you are concerned about any system flaws, you must consult your system’s user handbook and contact your solar company for assistance.

Cleaning your solar panels just requires a little amount bit of water and a brush to clean away any dust or grime that has accumulated on your solar panels. You don’t always have to go on top of your roofs to clean them; you may scrub them gently using a brush with a long handle. Another crucial consideration is to avoid birds from nesting in your solar panels

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